Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Easton?

A master planned community that spans three jurisdictions, Easton has been designed with the key principles of long-term vision and flexibility in planning to deliver a unique opportunity to the region.

Its size, its location near existing development and infrastructure, and its single land ownership has allowed the planning of a community characterized by a range of housing types, employment opportunities, commercial development, retail, recreation and transportation options that follow the guidelines for sustainability and smart growth.

2. Where is Easton located?

Easton encompasses approximately 6,100 acres in east Sacramento County. Located along Highway 50, Easton stretches nearly six miles, from Sunrise Boulevard on the west in the City of Rancho Cordova to east of Prairie City Road in the City of Folsom.

3. How is Easton unique from other master-planned communities?

To acquire enough land to design a master-planned community, most land developers need to look well beyond the central core locations, to remote—and automobile-dependent—locations. Easton is located within Sacramento’s existing suburban core and is a part of its thriving community at large.

This is not an isolated master plan. The single land ownership has allowed for the creation of a community design with the flexibility to serve today’s needs and those of its future residents and employers.

In addition, Easton will preserve hundreds of acres of natural habitat that will feed into a larger, contiguous open space system, as well as provide a pedestrian friendly network of trails connecting the neighborhoods to business areas, schools, and shopping and transportation hubs.

4. Are any of the boroughs entitled?

Three boroughs of Easton are entitled. This includes Glenborough, Easton Place and Rio del Oro. Totaling 3,700 acres, the three boroughs offer distinct but compatible uses. Glenborough comprises mostly single-family detached homes with an emphasis on preserved oak woodlands and open space. Easton Place is a transit-oriented, mixed use community with an urban “look and feel” and is considered “the heart of Easton”. Connected by a “green thread,” Rio del Oro is a balanced community, offering a variety of housing options and nearby employment opportunities.

5. Will Easton be primarily residential?

As envisioned, Easton will include a balanced mix of uses for a truly livable and sustainable community. About 45% of the land will be devoted to residential communities, offering a wide variety of housing options. Open space—including parks, walking trails, oak woodlands and the Alder Creek conservation area—will comprise more than 30% of Easton. The remaining land will include office and commercial uses, schools, roads, and other community resources and amenities.

6. How will the fact that the lands of Easton are located within three separate jurisdictions impact planning for the community?

There is a single vision for Easton, which is the result of unified planning efforts undertaken to ensure that the character, design and quality are continuous throughout the five boroughs, independent of jurisdiction.

7. Is all of the land suitable for the proposed uses?

Yes. All of the land proposed for Easton has undergone rigorous analysis and careful planning to ensure that it will meet with state, local and federal regulatory approval for the proposed uses.

8. What is the project’s timeline for startup?

All boroughs of Easton are now ready for expressions of interest from builders and developers. See our Contact form section.