Glenborough: Healthy Living Through Natural Open Space

Glenborough: Status: Fully Entitled with Approved Phase 1 Infrastructure Plans

Glenborough is designed to provide healthy living through recreational activities in open space settings. The backbone of the borough is a system of parks, parkways and open space, which includes active parks, the Alder Creek Parkway, a Community Resource Area, oak woodlands and mile of trails that link to the regional system

This 1,208 acre borough provides:

3,200+ residential units—a diverse mix of housing options with an emphasis on lower densities—single-family homes on large lots. 100+ acres commercial, mixed-use and office. A 25-acre Community Resource Area, consisting of a Welcome Center, Community Center, and Nature Center. 500+ acres dedicated to parks, parkways and open space (40% of total land) including the restoration of Alder Creek. The 18 active parks range in size from a quarter acre to more than 12 acres. A comprehensive, hierarchical street network that allows easy access to services within Easton and to public transit and freeways.

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Glenborough is designed to promote healthy living through physical activity. The various neighborhoods, retail and commercial areas are linked by a network of separated sidewalks and trails to encourage walking and bicycling.

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